K-7 and I-70 Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Building on the success of the K-7 Corridor Management Plan (2006), the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) has started design and construction of the new K-7 and I-70 Interchange in Bonner Springs. As part of the process, KDOT is examining:

  • What growth, development, and traffic are happening at the interchange today
  • What may occur in the future (tomorrow)
  • How they can work together with the community to complete the design and plan for construction of the new interchange.

The K-7 Corridor Management Study divided K-7 into three different sections extending from the 223rd Street Interchange in Miami County on the south to K-5/Muncie Road in Leavenworth County on the north. As shown on the study area map, the K-7 and I-70 Interchange was examined as part of Section 2 of the Study.

Click here to read the Fact Sheet for the K-7 and I-70 Interchange project.

Construction is progressing!

Phase 2A began in 2013 and will be finished during the Spring of 2014.  Phase 1 commenced in Summer of 2013 and will conclude near the end of 2014.  Construction of Phase 2B is anticipated to begin during the Spring of 2014 and end the following Spring. Click here to learn more about the construction schedule and the improvements anticipated for each of the project’s 10 phases.

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